The 7 piece multicultural Reggae and Roots Band is lead by the beautiful female vocals of Sistah Candice and Adriana, with the Brazilian grooves on the bass and keyboards by Eli and Riccky, the dynamic Ethiopian drums of Zela, Eddie Von Guzman on the lead guitar and the Chilean Oscar with his breathtaking saxophone.


Inspired from the Jamaican forefathers and foremothers of Reggae music like Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Toots, I-Threes, Third World, The Wailing Souls, Steel Pulse, The Gladiators, Israel Vibration and many more. The band was founded in Melbourne, Australia during the year of 2009 when Sistah Candice  (Candice Feuerring) met and lived with the recently arrived Brazilians, JahWise (Eli El Ossais) and BrotherMan (Ricardo Furegato). During this time, Reggae Music was their main tool of communication and this was how both of the southern and tropical cultures of Brazil, Chile, Ethiopia and Australia collided so strongly.