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Danchall Artiste Rygin King Shot

Dancehall star Rygin King is currently hospitalized after being shot.

Law enforcement sources confirmed with Urban Islandz late Sunday evening that the Mobay deejay was among at least three persons shot in a shooting incident in Westmoreland. We’re told that a female company believed to be Rygin King’s girlfriend was shot and killed, while another male was injured in the same shooting incident. The dancehall star, whose real name is Matthew Smith, was driving his car in the community of Ashton in Westmoreland around 3:15 PM on Sunday when gunmen started shooting at his vehicle.

King, along with his female companion and another male passenger, were rushed to the hospital where the female was pronounced dead, and the “Tuff” deejay admitted in critical condition. Sources say he underwent emergency surgery to remove bullet wounds but remained in critical condition. The female victim has yet to be identified, and the other male victim is rumored to be the deejay’s manager.


Pink Panther vs. Tony Matterhorn - Death In The Arena

Two of Jamaica's roughest selectors, Tony Matterhorn and Pink Panther, are slated to face-off in a duel dubbed 'Death in the Arena', which is set to take place on July 4 in a virtual sound clash.

"Coming off the high from the Beenie-Bounty Verzuz battle, there is a renewed love for clashes and we want to get the people who are perhaps the most important part of any clash involved in the conversation," Chauncey Henry, promoter of the event, said.

Henry, a New York-based attorney-at-law, said his reason for getting involved in the promotion is purely to fuel the culture.

"I know from a likkle yute growing up what it takes to build and establish a sound system. I don't have to be a sound man to do this. Panther is a nine-time world champion and when I talk to him, I hear the passion in his voice about this, and the same goes for Matterhorn, and nobody is stepping up to give these men the highlight they deserve, at least not until it benefits the person who is giving them the highlight," he said.

"This is a platform for Jamaicans by Jamaicans and there is no commercialisation because we can't put a price on this kind of musical greatness."

Pink Panther said that this will be his first online clash, and he is very excited. "I'm going up against Matterhorn and so you know that will be an exciting showdown. I'm ready and prepared," he said.

Tony Matterhorn is looking forward to the event.

"Events like these are vital to the musical culture, as it is important to show that sound clash as we call it, is still prevalent and is still active. Over the years the clash culture has deteriorated to some extent and so it's still good to know that the clash fans are out there, and it's important for us to keep this part of the culture going and buzzing just the same," he said.


Toots and The Maytals 

 legendary Jamaican artist Frederick “Toots” Hibbert released the lead single Got To Be Tough off his upcoming album of the same title. The highly-anticipated 10-song collection will stand as Toots' first studio album of new material in more than a decade. Got To Be Tough is an energizing provocation that renews the near six-decade career of the man who launched a new sound and genre with his 1968 release, Do The Reggay. The single comes with the welcome announcement of a full-length Toots and The Maytals studio album, set for global release via Trojan Jamaica / BMG on August 28.

Got To Be Tough is a reminder that through Toots’ creative veins run all the roots and shoots of the Black Diaspora. Blues, soul, r’n’b, funk, jazz, reggae, African griots – Toots honors, embodies and owns them. Throwing down an authoritative guide: how to survive and thrive amongst our earthly challenges.

Happenings Around The World

Since our founding in 2013, Australia Reggae Radio has quickly earned a reputation for being among the top stations of all times. In addition to our entertaining radio shows and broadcasting of popular hits, we work hard to keep our listeners informed about all the latest news and updates in entertainment as well as the world. Tuning into our station will help you stay informed.


Vybz Kartel & Buju Banton Drops New Albums 

ybz Kartel and Buju Banton albums will go head to head to a true clash of the titans.

Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton seem to have a lot in common these days. In addition to the fact that they are both prolific Jamaican artistes and songwriters with international acclaim who’ve coincidentally both done prison time, they are also legends in their own right who are each set to drop new albums this week. While Vybz Kartel is a dancehall mogul and Buju Banton is a reggae star, the genres often intertwine and compete closely, and it looks like that is bound to happen with their new albums.

Both Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton will be releasing their albums on Friday, June 26th. Many have wondered if it was a calculated move on either part, but the friendly competition has each artiste’s fanbase prepared to go all in to support. Whether you are more of a dancehall than a reggae fan or vice versa, chances are you just want to see these Jamaican artists win. However, only one will emerge on top. Listen to Buju's new album

or  Kartels album

Aidonia Getting His Own Brand Of Weed

Aidonia is about to have his own brand of weed.

Dancehall artiste Aidonia has been championing the use of the super herb marijuana for years now, and it made complete sense when in 2019, he became a brand ambassador for Epican Medicinal Limited, Jamaica’s first cannabis dispensary. The entertainer has unlocked a new achievement in the world of hemp by securing his very own strain of marijuana to be produced by the team at Epican. The company broke the news to their followers nearly a week ago and even asked them to provide a name for the new strain.

“@aidonia4thgenna in the Epican Lab developing his NEW trademark strain with our Regional Retain Manager @kharmalove, Head of Marketing @jbibbons and President, D McK. What do you think he should name his strain? Best name wins!” they advised in the caption below the image of Donia and the company executive donning white lab coats.

4/20 enthusiasts and fans of Aidonia expressed their creativity and knack for thinking out of the box as they dropped their best suggestions in the comments. Here are a couple of the names they threw out, Nuh Boring Herb, aircraft, HighDonia OG, Macka jook, Head banga, Di Genna Maximus, Bruckweh, Hundred Stab, and Kalief Kush.


Skillibeng the New Star in Dancehall

Skillibeng is the young Jamaican artiste that has one of the biggest dancehall songs over the past year, “Brik pan Brik” is loved by young people who took it and ran with it after it was released late 2019.

The song ‘Brick Pan Brick’ is Skilli’s breakout song, his next top song is called “50 bag” , both songs have racked up over one million views on youtube.

The name, Skillibeng who is from St. Thomas Eastern Jamaica, explains that his name is just a word that artistes used in the dancehall in the early years.

In-School he was focused on the business subjects, as he was always into money.

Even though his fans seem to think his song is about scamming, he doesn’t see scamming as his thing, he prefers the music business and states that he is just being artistic when he talks about scamming.

Happenings Around The World

Since our founding in 2013, Australia Reggae Radio has quickly earned a reputation for being among the top stations of all times. In addition to our entertaining radio shows and broadcasting of popular hits, we work hard to keep our listeners informed about all the latest news and updates in entertainment as well as the world. Tuning into our station will help you stay informed.



 Buju Banton announced the release date of Upside Down 2020: June 26th, 2020. The pre-order will start on Friday June 12, 2020!

The Upside Down 2020 album will include a total of 20 songs and features four guest artists: Stephen Marley (Yes Mi Friend), John Legend (Memories), Pharrell (Cherry Pie) and Stefflon Don (Call Me). 

End of April our author Munchy had the chance to talk to Buju Banton in detail about the new album and Buju elaborated about the album features: "Me and John Legend did a song back in the years called Can’t Be My Lover. So, the act of reciprocity dictates that he is supposed to do a song for me. So that is how that one came into place, musically, you understand? Now what Pharrell Williams is concerned, he heard our works and had a desire to partner with us, so we said “Let’s go!”. Anything to spread the culture of Reggae music in a positive way, to shed light on it on a positive note. We are all for that. Likewise, Stefflon Don contributed to Reggae music from Britain. And it’s only good and righteous that we reach out and bring her in, musically. It’s all about music for me, nothing else. Let that be known!"

Lila Ike

The free-spirited versatile artist Lila Iké is quickly climbing the ranks fusing a genre-bending sound of reggae, hip hop and R&B. Today (May 15), the 26-year-old singer unleashes her debut EP The ExPerience via RCA Records in conjunction with Six Course Records and In.Digg.Nation Collective.

Lila Iké has become one of the most sought-after musicians to emerge from Jamaica right now. She can freestyle and sing in the same breath. Her lyrics are razor sharp. Her cadence is bold. Her vocals are angelic, forming a cosmic combination and force to be reckoned with.


Vybz Kartel Eyeing Grammy

Vybz Kartel is slated to unveil his new album Of Dons and Divas soon and the project, which will feature a myriad of dancehall artists from veterans to new artists. The 16-track studio album is already being called the “Grammy album” by the incarcerated deejay who is speaking it into being

Chronixx Drops New Song “Same Prayer” With Kabaka Pyramid 

Chronixx links with Kabaka Pyramid on a new song “Same Prayer,” off his upcoming album.

Two of the world’s biggest reggae revivalists have joined forces to provide a guiding light during these wayward times. Chronixx has called on the lyrical messenger Kabaka Pyramid to deliver the golden words on his new track, “Same Prayer.”

As expressed by Chronixx in an Instagram post announcing the song, it is “A prayer for the younger generation to reflect on internally. It’s also a reminder that there is a greater power directing things in the physical space. Instead of looking for solutions in our material lives, we can both reach out to this higher power and also look deep within ourselves.”


Popcaan’s daughter is now a prep school graduate, and he couldn’t be prouder.
The “Nah Idle” deejay was all smiles in several photos posted yesterday on his Instagram page. Clad in a swank red blazer and sporting the new ‘buzz’ worthy hairdo, Popcaan posed for some sweet shots with his 11-year-old daughter Rihanna Sutherland. The youngster, who Popcaan affectionately refers to as his ‘Princess’, was seen hugging her dad wearing a huge grin herself and a blue graduation gown.
We’ve gotten used to seeing Popcaan in dad mode too, as Rihanna makes appearances on his pages during their father/ daughter outings and antics. He also frequently features his mom, Ms. Rhona, and the humorous exchanges of his provocation and her concerned scolding are some of our favorites.

Bounty Killer getting new traction

Bounty Killer says Verzuz has increased his popularity on social media and streaming services.
The dancehall “War Lord” made history when he appeared in a Verzuz Instagram Live battle with Beenie Man. The dancehall version of the increasingly popular hit for hit Live series is one of the most talked-about episodes yet. Many people underestimated the publicity that the Verzuz battle would have gained, but Bounty Killer and Beenie Man repped the culture well, and the rest happened organically.
In a new interview, Bounty is reflecting on what his next moves following the clout spike from his Verzuz appearance. The dancehall deejay said the battle was the “most important thing that happened for dancehall for 2020” because of the far-reaching audience that showed out in their numbers. “My followers went up from 500(K) to almost 700(K) in two and a half weeks so that can tell you the effect.
“And is not regular dancehall fans those. This is a total different audience tuning in over here, so it was something really impacting across the world for dancehall,” he added. Bounty revealed that a lot of good things are coming out of the iconic Verzuz battle. In addition to now getting a ton of calls from “some important people,” Bounty also said he has new endorsement deals on the table and his music streams have increased tremendously

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